Press Release, 11.3.2010

On suspension of two teachers in DTU

The DTF condemns in the strongest terms the suspension of two teachers by the administration of the Delhi Technological University. The action by the DTU VC is aimed at terrorising the ongoing protest by students against the conversion of DCE into DTU. It should be remembered that this conversion was done without consultation with the students, the faculty or the University of Delhi. It is now public knowledge that the conversion was based on false claims and for questionable objectives. The idea behind taking away the college from the University of Delhi is to convert it into a self-financing institution admitting a larger number of students who have the capability to pay. It was hidden behind a blatantly false argument that the ability to upgrade and update courses was hampered by the University of Delhi.

Those leading this commercialisation venture cannot tolerate dissent and protest. The arbitrary and authoritarian manner in which the present administration is dealing with students and teachers is inappropriate in an academic institution. The DTF demands immediate revocation of the suspension order. It also calls upon the Delhi Government to re-examine the premises on the basis of which DCE was converted into DTU.

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