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The books of today are the deeds of tomorrow.
The books of today are the deeds of tomorrow.

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Press Release, 22.1.2019


Immediate Promulgation of the 200 pt. College/University-wise Roster is the Only Way to Prevent Displacement and Academic Mayhem

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DTF Election Leaflet, 9.1.2019

Vote-DTFहक़ की लड़ाई अंजाम तक!
Defend Public Universities

Elect Bhupinder Kumar Chaudhary to the EC

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DTF candidates for EC and AC elections 2019

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4th consecutive win for DTF in DUTA elections

Left-backed front wins DU Teachers’ Association polls for 4th time – The Times of India.

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डीटीएफ ने लगाया जीत का चौका, डूटा के 15वें अध्यक्ष बने राजीब रे

डीटीएफ ने लगाया जीत का चौका, डूटा के 15वें अध्यक्ष बने राजीब रे – Amar Ujala
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डूटा पर संघ के कब्ज़े की हर कोशिश नाकाम, वामपंथ ने फिर लहराया परचम

डूटा पर संघ के कब्ज़े की हर कोशिश नाकाम, वामपंथ ने फिर लहराया परचम |संजीव कौशल – Janchowk

Press Release, 1.9.2017

dtf-press-releaseTeachers of Delhi University have given the Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) an historic mandate in the DUTA elections. The DTF’s candidate Rajib Ray defeated the closest rival from NDTF with a decisive margin of 261 votes.

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What is in store for us if we do not resist

Service and working conditions of teachers are shaped by the structure and character of education as much as they shape it. It is in the interest of teachers and education to forge broader unity and bring to public attention the devastating consequences of the education policy being pursued by the Government. Otherwise, educational institutions and practices would change beyond recognition before we realise it.

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Appeal by Rajib Ray

Dear Friends,

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क़दम-क़दम पर लड़ेंगे तुमसे !

शिक्षा का निजीकरण नहीं सहेंगे!

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