The DTF is a left and democratic teachers’ organisation.

The DTF has played a major role in the teachers’ movement of Delhi University for expansion and improvement in the quality of higher education in order that it may fulfill its social responsibility and the legitimate aspirations of the people of this country.

The DTF has always argued that the social role of higher education cannot be fulfilled if the teaching profession is kept unattractive for talent. Based on this understanding, the DTF has led some of the biggest struggles for the improvement of the conditions of service and work of teachers.

The democratic functioning of university and college governance has been another crucial focus of the efforts of the DTF.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. bharat ke loktantrik sikshak aandolan ko vishva ke nakshe par laane ke liye dtf ki team ko haardik badhai. aapka yah kadam na sirf dtf balki samast shikshak samudaay ke liye upyogi hoga.
    Dr. Rakesh Dr. Pragya


  2. Hi,

    The proof of the pudding/Korma lies in eating, and the proof of dtf endeavour to fight for teacher’s rights lies in seeing. And believing. ‘Jai Ho’



  3. Congratulations. One good thing done using latest technology. You can continue to exchange information and views with not only teachers but others as well. I hope the website is managed regularly for this purpose. Those who have taken responsibility to manage it and respond to the views of the people require special appreciation. Keep it up.


  4. डीटीएफ को ऑन लाईन होने पर ढेरो बधाईयाँ. शुरुआत हो गयी है, पेज सुन्दर दिखाई दे रहा है. पे कमीशन की रिपोर्ट दे कर अछा किया है.


  5. Congratulations. This is great.

    Just one thing I noticed at first glance – the About Page has text in different fonts.


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