AC Meeting, 9.12.2009

Issues raised, decisions taken:

1.   In the zero hour, elected members protested against the manner in which the VC has ignored the feedback of the Staff Councils and Associations and amidst utter confusion declared the semester system passed in the meeting of 5 June 09. Elected AC members in the zero hour criticized the VC’s autocratic behavior and pointed out that the debate of desirability and feasibility is a must before any decision to implement the semester system.

Several other issues were also discussed including that of DCE & NSIT, Aurobindo College (E), ban on the recruitment of Assistant Professors at the UG level, Child Care Leave, and the issue of ad-hoc teachers. The zero hour lasted for 10 hrs.

2.  On the issue of NAAC (agenda item), the house after deliberations, did not accept the proposal.


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