Latest developments on the semester system

  • Elected AC members have written to the Vice Chancellor and dissociated themselves from the Empowered Committee formed by the VC as per DUTA direction. This was done before the very first meeting which was held on 29 Oct.
  • Faculty members across colleges are writing to the Departments and dissociating themselves from course revision. Some departments are organizing General Body of teachers for taking the feedback from College teachers.
  • GB of English teachers rejected the semester system at its meeting on 11 November 2009.
  • Sociology Department informed the VC in the meeting of the Heads with the Empowered Committee held on 5 November that teachers are opposed to semester system.
  • Teachers of Science Departments are planning a meeting because the proposed model will bring in a huge pedagogical shift and a dilution of ‘Practicals’ in a big way.
  • As part of its action programs (as a mass action program and as an opinion building exercise), DUTA is going to have a seminar on the issue of ‘desirability and feasibility of semester system at UG level’ on Tuesday, 24 November, 2009 in the Conference Centre, Delhi University.


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