Letter to VC

DTF AC member dissociates from Empowered Committee on Semester System

Professor Deepak Pental
Vice Chancellor
University of Delhi

26 October 2009

Subject: Empowered Committee for working out modalities for implementation of the Semester System at the UG level

Dear Professor Pental,

An Empowered Committee has been constituted by you for working out modalities for implementation of the Semester System for the Undergraduate Courses in terms of the Academic Council Resolution No. 10 dated 5.6.2009. In this regard we would like to point out the following:

  1. The decision in the Academic Council was taken in the most autocratic and undemocratic manner. The house was not allowed by you to debate the issue of the desirability and feasibility. The decision was taken in utter confusion and in a manner not acceptable to the teaching fraternity.
  2. You have acted in an unacademic manner by ruling out any discussion on the desirability of the semester system in our University. You did not bother to answer serious questions raised by the teaching fraternity as to the desirability of such a change. It is unfortunate that the considered opinion of teachers expressed through feedback collected by your office was not only ignored but also misrepresented by you in your letter that summarized the feedback.
  3. You have aptly called this subcommittee an Empowered Committee for you seem to be vesting powers in nominated committees while denying teachers their right to participate in decision-making. You have reduced the office of the Vice Chancellor and that of the Academic Council to one of subservience to Government policy. It is unfortunate that an academic institution of the standing of the University of Delhi has started implementing diktats on important academic issues without raising any questions.

In the light of these facts and manner in which the issue of semester system has been dealt with, I would like to dissociate myself from this committee, as per the DUTA decision. At the same time, I request you to re-think your position before it is too late and to be open to a debate on desirability and feasibility of the semester system.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

Abha Dev Habib
AC Member


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