Requisition of DUTA meeting

On semester system

The President
Delhi University Teachers’ Association
University of Delhi.

7 October 09

Sub:  Requisition for an emergent meeting of the DUTA Executive to decide the future course of action to fight implementation of semester system at the UG level


With deep sense of concern, we, the undersigned members of DUTA Executive and Academic and Executive Council, bring to your notice the following:

  1. An empowered committee has been constituted by the Vice-Chancellor for working out the modalities of  implementation of semester system at the undergraduate level. (Notification issued to the members dated 5 October 09.)
  2. This 22 member committee has the following terms of reference:

a) Preparation of Academic calendar for the semester system ensuring 180 working days of teaching in an academic year.

b) Modalities of conduct of examination and centralized evaluation system including preparation of model date sheet(s) for the semester examination of the university.

c) Working out the academic design and structure of the semester system.

d) Any other issues for smooth implementation of the semester system in the undergraduate courses of the university.

We request you to immediately convene an emergent meeting of the DUTA Executive to not only discuss the role to be played by the six elected AC members on this committee but also to decide an effective course of action by the DUTA to defeat the nefarious design of the Vice-Chancellor to impose semester system at UG level despite the negative feedback about its academic implications from many Staff Councils and Associations and by completely ignoring the voice of the elected component in the Academic and Executive Councils.

Following the formation of this committee, soon there may be committees formed in the Departments to look into course restructuring.

Any further delay in launching a struggle on this issue will help the Vice Chancellor, who is impervious to arguments and reason, to carry out, by hook or crook, the Government policy of uniform semester system across the country so as to facilitate commercialisation of higher education through inter-institution credit transfer and creation of autonomous colleges.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Rudrashish Chakraborty
Kuldeep Kumar
N. Sachin
Rajib Ray
Sheo Dutt
Vijaya Venkataraman
Abha Dev Habib
Rakesh Kumar
Arjumand Ara
Vijay Singh

2 thoughts on “Requisition of DUTA meeting

  1. Dear DTF
    Please also take up the stoppage of CAS under the garb of lack of new guidelines. UGC in its draft has said that old methodology will be followed. Let DTF insist that old methodology with reduced period of 6 years as reader/associate professor applicable wef 1.1.2006.
    Those already promoted as professors will be back dated as per their eligibility.
    This way their seniority will also be protected
    Please listen to the predicament of senior readers


  2. It is absolutely clear that the present DU VC is adamant in completely dismantling the University system and colleges. The imposition of semester system is another giant step in this regard. It is to be noted that when this system comes into effect (specially the first examination of this system) this guy (VC) won’t be around to see the chaos.

    Although we (teaching community) should protest this imposition but to me it seems that it (semester system next year) looks imminent. So we (teaching community) should also try to work towards formulation of the courses under semester system. Please note that AC/EC have already passed this (imposition of semester system from next year) so as the things stands it will be implemented next year. Also note the ways adopted by DU authorities to restructure the M.Sc. (Physics) course would be emulated to all the courses next year. In order to fight this I think we should also make a effort to create a syllabus of undergraduate courses compatible with semester system. If this is not done than rest assured that during summer vacations authorities will just pick some people to formulate the syllabus of all the courses. This is exactly what was done with M.Sc. (Physics) where the course was re-structured by buldozing all the views of the faculties and bypassing all the procedures.


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