Press Release, 25.9.2009

On updated UGC Regulations, Sept 2009

The DTF expresses its deep concern over the adverse implications that the updated UGC Regulations will have for the teaching profession and higher education. They envisage minimum scores in the API (Academic Performance Indicators) based on PBAS (Performance Based Appraisal System) for every level of promotion for teachers. Teachers are to collect points for quantity of teaching, extension, co-curricular and profession related activities and research, thus quantifying their performance.

This system has been borrowed mindlessly from other countries, mainly the USA, without taking into account the specific conditions and infrastructure for research, access to resources, student teacher ratio (that is not anywhere comparable to “world standards”) and the prevailing workload norm whereby actual time spent in classroom teaching, continuous and annual evaluation leaves little time for research. By compelling teachers to collect points for each category of work, the Regulation wishes a teacher to become a Jack of all trades and Master of none.

The promotional avenues have been formulated to deny most teachers even the first promotion. Despite the admission by the UGC Pay Review Committee that college teachers are overburdened with teaching/examination work and deprived of opportunities for research, the proposed Regulations insist on research output as necessary condition for any promotion. Further, by insisting on a minimum of three research publications as a requisite for promotion to Associate Professorship, they effectively deny promotion to the vast majority of those who have chosen and wish to choose the teaching profession in colleges as a career.

The effective denial of promotion to teachers will make the teaching profession unattractive for talent and have disastrous consequences for the entire country. Instead of redressing the irrational workload imposed on school and college teachers so that their potential for research and creative work is tapped to the fullest, the Government and its agencies are bent on cost cutting by emphasising quantity (hours of defined work) over quality and creativity. The DTF calls upon people at large to question the Government policy of downgrading the teaching profession in the public funded institutions as part of the policy direction that envisages creation of a few centres excellence for those who can pay whereas mass education is to be reduced to low quality education.

The DTF demands the withdrawal of the bureaucratic point system of performance indicators and amendment of the conditions for promotion to Associate Professor which in their present form will deny promotion to the large majority of college teachers. The DTF calls upon teachers to be prepared for prolonged agitation if the Government and the UGC refuse to listen to reasoning and argumentation.

Click here to see the full text of the UGC Regulations.

10 thoughts on “Press Release, 25.9.2009

  1. The biggest sufferers are the senior readers who have spent more than 8 years. There appears to be no road ahead for them. Nobody talks about them. They are not being promoted by all universities taking the plea that new guidelines for promotion are not there. UGC should allow them to be promoted by old methodology but by reducing the period to 6 years as required under the MHRD notification.

    May i request some senior readers to start the campaign. In Bangalore university itself there are 50 plus readers with 8 and more years


  2. Dear DTF office bearers
    Please take up the issue of the promotion of readers/associate professors who have spent more than 8 years as the promotions have come to standstill at DU, JNU, PU etc

    Why not pursue the matter with UGC to allow the incumbent readers/AP to be promoted under the old rule with the time period being reduced to 6 years as per the 6PC
    This way the promotions will continue with new time span as mandated by the 6PC


  3. Till the time UGC sleeps over the new guidelines, why should the teachers suffer???

    Let the promotions from Readers/Associate Professors to the Post of Professors take place under the old procedure (as notified in 2000) by reducing the time period to 6 years spent as reader/associate professor/combination.

    Promotion of those already promoted as professors after 1.1.2006 should be preponed on the date of completion of 6 years without interviews.

    This way all seniority issues will also be resolved.


  4. DTF Please do something about this clause which is generating so much controversy (juniors becoming seniors 6.4.12)

    Let us unite and write angry emails to UGC , Sh Kapil Sibal and Dr Manmohan Singh

    We can also start signature campaign

    Are there so many journals in India where approximately 50,000 teachers can publish 10 papers each (5 for associateship and 5 for professorship, leave aside another 5 for senior professorship)


  5. Clause 6.4.12 is the most damaging it will create rift in the faculty those joining after 1.1.2006 will be automatically become associate professors whereas those readers prior to 1.1.2006 (may be only by a day) will spend three years before becoming associate professors. This is ridiculous and appears to be to help some chosen few in some universities persons rejected prior to 1.1 2006 became readers after 1.1.2006 and will now become seniors to those againt whom they were rejected. UGC WANTS TO REWARD REJECTION! UGC IS INDEED FULL OF SURPRISES.


  6. Dear DTF members,

    Can some one throw some light on the high headedness of UGC in creating division among the teachers on account of the draft rule and regulation again which they have released before their closure in the winter session of Parliament and the creation of a new institution Council for Higher education and research.

    There is no information of the plan of action of the teachers union to remove a number of anomalies in the revised draft regulations, which is creating unrest among colleagues in the university by creating various cadres and division among the same cadres.

    Will some action in this regard be taken and anomolies be removed in the UGC regulations ?


  7. Teachers must STRONGLY PROTEST for IMPOSING CONDITION at the time of pay revison, which happens without any condition for bureaucrats. Why only in teaching profession they impose condition at the time of “pay revision”, It is a fundamental right for every employee of this country!!T


  8. It is really a bureaucratic decision from UGC committee for delaying a promotion to existing faculties as an associate professor, which it has given to the existing lecturer(SG) or assistant professor without any interview.

    now in the same system one side ugc is giving a full freedom to existing selection grade people to move at this post very easily and on the other side they are trying to block lecturer senior scale to reach to the same post. it is totally unfair and should be opposed from the entire nation with extreme level of agitation.


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