Press Release, 21.4.2009

EC Meeting, 20.4.2009

In the Executive Council meeting of the University of Delhi held yesterday, Rajib Ray, elected teacher member of the DTF, raised various issues of maladministration by the University authorities. These issues included the following:

Chaos in the Examinations

Instead of carrying out its responsibility to organise evaluation of answer scripts well in time so that the process is completed in a timely manner without compromising quality, the University administration has chosen to call some teachers to report at evaluation centres. Each of them has been asked to evaluate 25 to 40 papers per day, i.e., read, understand and come to a judgement about all the answers written by a student in ten to fifteen minutes and this has to be done at centres that lack adequate seating arrangements and basic amenities. This disregard for quality and fairness in evaluation is also evident in the stipulation that each one is to report for evaluation everyday till the correction of all the scripts is completed. Moreover, several teachers have been asked to correct answer scripts for papers they have not taught and even to report at more than one centre to evaluate different papers on the same day. The University administration is trying to hide its own failure behind threatening language used towards teachers.

Rajib Ray called upon the VC to involve a larger number of teachers in the process, withdraw from its insistence on evaluation at the centres and start the process in earnest early in the next academic session so that a similar situation does not recur next year.

Abuse of the due process of law

The Vice Chancellor has been repeatedly flouting due procedures with regard to disciplinary action. He has been placing summaries instead of the full reports of enquiry committees for consideration and decision by the Executive Council. Rajib Ray demanded that the minutes of the last Executive Council meeting must record the fact that the full reports of cases taken up in that meeting were not presented. The draft minutes prepared by the administration wrongly claims that the reports were discussed. The DTF has repeatedly pointed out that summaries involve rewriting of the reports by the administration and they often twist the findings. There has been a case, where the VC omitted punishments and recommendations for further inquiry made by the Apex Complaints Committee on sexual harassment. Despite repeated reminders, he continues to deny the Executive Council a full and correct version.

The draft EC minutes were amended in consequence of Rajib Ray’s intervention.

VC compelled to retract illegal promotions to posts of librarians

The University had brought in a provision to promote non-teaching library assistants as college librarians / assistant librarians, posts which are filled through open recruitment and require the same qualifications and selection committee as lecturers. This illegal provision was meant to downgrade librarians and favour powerful lobbies. The wife of Dr, S.S.Rathi of AAD that currently leads the DUTA was one of the first beneficiaries. The provision was pushed through and implemented in a hurry. All protests against such a step were brushed aside. Finally, the UGC had to tell the University that it was illegal.

Rajib Ray again raised the issue in view of the UGC communication. The promotions have been rescinded.

UGC has withheld maintenance grants to DU for non-implementation of reservations

It is shameful that the Delhi University has earned notoriety for flouting reservation norms for SC/ST, OBC and PH. The issue has come back to limelight with the University failing to pay teachers revised salary. Rajib Ray demanded that the University places the Guidelines on Reservations issued by the UGC more than three years ago for decision and implementation. Rajib Ray also pointed out that the University administration is singularly guilty of manipulating the reservation roster across university departments.

Enquiry into maladministration and misconduct in ARSD College

Teachers of ARSD college have brought to the notice of the Governing Body and the Vice Chancellor the maladministration of the Acting Principal of ARSD College as well as the incident of one teacher trying to hit a colleague with his shoe. Rajib Ray demanded that the VC ask the Governing Body to enquire into the issues.

Remove OSD in Shivaji College

Teachers of Shivaji College have drawn the attention of the Governing Body and the Vice Chancellor to the completely arbitrary functioning of the OSD.  Rajib Ray demanded his removal.

Dyal Singh College

It is a matter of concern that Dyal Singh College has lost a significant portion of its land to Metro construction. Now, the MCD is acquiring whatever little was left for vehicle parking. Rajib Ray demanded the VC’s intervention so that the acquired land is returned to the College for its use after the Commonwealth Games.

Enhancement of allowances

Rajib Ray demanded enhancement of allowances for Vice Principals, Wardens, Bursars, Superintendents, Dy. Superintendents, Tabulators and Invigilators of Examinations.

Enquiry against Dr. Kansal

Rajib Ray demanded immediate investigation of charges levelled against Dr. D.K. Kansal, Principal of IGIPESS (Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences). The VC has agreed to look into the charges to establish whether a prima facie case exists.

Suspension of Dr. Bimlesh Yadav

Rajib Ray criticized the Vice Chancellor for deliberate inaction on the recommendation of the Governing Body of Shri Aurobindo College for suspension of the Aurobindo College (Eve) Principal, Dr. Bimlesh Yadav so that an impartial enquiry can be held. The VC is guilty of shielding her by not approving her suspension. Rajib Ray demanded that the VC immediately approve the recommendation of the Governing Body so that the serious charges against her are enquired into.

Remove Mr. Purushottam Goyal from Vivekanand College

Rajib Ray demanded blacklisting of Mr. Purushottam Goyal, Chairperson of the Governing Body of Vivekanand College. Mr. Goyal has singlehandedly ruined the college and is harassing teachers and non-teaching staff.

Remove Prof. N.K. Chaddha from Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension

Rajib Ray demanded the immediate removal of Prof. Chaddha as his appointment as the Head of the Department is illegal. All actions taken by him including suspension of an employee and transfer of employees should be rescinded.


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