DUTA Executive meeting requisitioned

DTF members demand emergent meeting on current centralised evaluation

The President,
University of Delhi


Subject: Requisition for emergent meeting of DUTA executive on the present centralised evaluation.

Dear Mr. Aditya N.Mishra,

Instead of carrying out its responsibility to organise evaluation of answer scripts well in time so that the process is completed in a timely manner without compromising quality, the University administration has chosen to call some teachers to report at evaluation centres. Each of them has been asked to evaluate 25 to 40 papers per day, i.e., read, understand and come to a judgement about all the answers written by a student in ten to fifteen minutes and this has to be done at centres that lack adequate seating arrangements and basic amenities. This disregard for quality and fairness in evaluation is also evident in the stipulation that each one is to report for evaluation everyday till the correction of all the scripts is completed. Moreover, several teachers have been asked to correct answer scripts for papers they have not taught and even to report at more than one centre to evaluate different papers on the same day. The University administration is trying to hide its own failure behind threatening language used towards teachers.

The undersigned strongly feel that DUTA should have acted on this issue for immediate resolution. Taking note of the plight of the teachers and their harassment we urge upon the DUTA leadership to call an emergent meeting of DUTA executive to discuss and take position on this issue.


Amar Deo Sharma
Rajib Ray
Rudrashish Chakraborty
Renu Bala
Giriraj Bairwa
Abha Dev Habib
Rakesh Kumar
Sheo Dutt
Vijaya Venkataraman


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