Yashpal Committee Report

Read full text of the “Committee to Advise on Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education in India” online at dtf online resources

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One thought on “Yashpal Committee Report

  1. Prof Yashpal committee is a milestone and answer for prayer of sincere students across India. MCI in reply to the committee has said that they are the only regulatory body in medical education, but there exists fully corrupted body NBE giving cheap accreditation to many private hospitals to conduct postgraduate course .After the honourable high court Chennai order, I inspected my answer sheets and found it unevaluated after the 6th attempt. Besides giving cheap accreditation the board fails 90% of candidates and did not even produce marksheet ,thereby a lot of health manpower is going waste.NBE deserves disciplinary action because the name of our nation is misused for cheap and selfish motives.


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