EC meeting on 6 March 2014

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Under the Section “To report and record the action taken by the Vice-Chancellor in exercise of his powers/delegated powers vested upon him”, the Reporting Item reads:

54. 4. in approving on 01.10.2013 discontinuation of revaluation work in Semester mode of U.G. Courses of three years examinations where answer scripts are valued by joint examiner/Board of Examiners w.e.f. from examination to be held in Nov-Dec, 2013. As per the Academic Council resolution No.93 dated 18/9/1982.

This action cannot be treated as an action permitted by Statute 11 G (4) on the following counts:

  1. The Act through Clause 32 defines Regulations and lays down the procedure for the authorities of the University to make Regulations consistent with the Act, Statutes and Ordinances. The Act does not provide any power to the EC to annul any Regulation made under subsection (1) of the Clause. The powers delegated to the EC by the Act cannot be usurped by use of emergency powers of the VC provided by Statute 11-G (4).
  2. Emergency powers cannot be arbitrarily used. The situation did not warrant use of emergency power in this case.
  3. With over 1.5 lakh students in regular courses, the issue of revaluation becomes a very important academic matter and the Academic Council cannot be denied its right to apply its mind.
  4. As per Statute 11-G (1), the Vice Chancellor is ex-officio Chairman of the Executive Council and the Academic Council. If this issue warranted discussion/re-thinking, the Vice Chancellor should have convened the meetings of these statutory bodies.
  5. The current process of evaluation, wherein the entire question paper is subdivided into parts to be corrected by three different teachers, does not guarantee a mistake free evaluation. The present system of three teachers checking an answer script by subdividing it into parts and taking responsibility of their own part cannot be taken as three evaluators scrutinizing a script. Revaluation provided an important mechanism of grievance redressal and cannot be taken away from the students.

Abha Dev Habib

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5

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