Statement by DUTA President

DUTA President Nandita Narain’s Appeal to Teachers on Teachers’ Day

This Teachers’ Day, let us reaffirm our faith in the vision of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan , who believed that a University should be a space for dialogue, for a free and fearless exchange of ideas, and that public-funded Universities empower and create conditions for confidence and equity by giving all sections of our society access to quality education. Let each one of us take an oath to protect our academic freedom, to defend our democratic spaces, to safeguard the dignity of teachers and ensure a future for our students. Those who pay lip sympathy to teachers on Teachers’ Day, but spare no effort to humiliate them and vandalise the academic life of the University should be warned that teachers will not tolerate any further destruction of all that is humane, beautiful and true in our Universities. Their dishonesty stands exposed.

Teachers in our University, like teachers elsewhere, have begun to reflect on the basic conditions and aims of education. This reflection is a result of the relentless attack, by those who seek to profit through brazen commercialization, on teaching-learning and the collective suffering that teachers have been subjected to. This Teachers’ Day, therefore, occasions a rediscovery of our ideals – the only weapons with which we can defend ourselves, our students and the imagination for a better, more equitable and just society

Nandita Narain
President, DUTA

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