Press Release, 26.8.2013

Defeat DU administration’s nefarious designs

The practice of suspending classes, specifically in off-campus colleges, has been in place to enable teachers to participate in DUTA elections which take place once in two years. The DU administration this time is trying all means to bring DUTA under its control. It is so desperate, it may even try to stop teachers from voting. We appeal to teachers to defeat such nefarious designs.

The Election Officer has written to Principals requesting them to suspend classes after 9.30 am. If this request has been withdrawn, then this has been done under pressure from the DU administration. The DTF calls upon teachers and Staff Associations to participate in the elections in large numbers and not allow any interference by the DU administration. The DTF urges all candidates staking their claim to represent teachers to stand together and uphold the right of every teacher to participate.

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