Press Release, 24.8.2013

AAD’s (Aditya Narayan Mishra Group) latest request to the Vice Chancellor to give liberty to colleges to determine the number of applicants to be called for interview for the post of Assistant Professor is another dishonest and ridiculous attempt to take the teaching community for a ride on the urgent issue of appointments. It needs to be clarified that the committee that formulated the utterly irrational API-based screening formula and mandated that an abysmally low number of candidates shall be called for interview had an unreasonably large number of elected representatives from AAD-INTEC. Out of the five elected representatives who were part of that committee, one was from NDTF and four were from AAD-INTEC. These members, as part of that committee, brought in this system of API-based screening and calling a very limited number of applicants for interview, neither of which are mandated by the UGC Regulations.

In this context, we feel that the letter of the AAD supremo is a nervous attempt at misleading teachers on the eve of DUTA elections. We have witnessed many such attempts earlier as well. Just before the last AC/EC election, the VC had promised that appointments would begin by June, 2013; a promise never fulfilled. The letter of the Dean of Colleges and Director, South Campus to teachers is another such attempt. They have tried to fool teachers by saying that API will not have any implication in the selection and promotion process, whereas the fact remains that in the Ordinances prepared and approved by the administration and AAD-INTEC-NDTF committee members, promotion and appointment API score remain a prerequisite. Given this, the letter of the AAD-INTEC leader Aditya Narayan Mishra is another attempt of playing down the anti-teacher role played by these groups. With regard to interviews in colleges, it yet again opens the way to manipulation and arbitrariness. This kind of desperate politicking needs to be rejected and the way for a fighting DUTA needs to be paved. We are sure that Delhi University teachers will turn out in large numbers for voting and prove that they are not pliable to such attempts of misleading them.

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