EC Member Abha Dev Habib urges UGC’s intervention to stop FYUP

Relevant sections of the UGC Act

The proposed switch from a three year undergraduation to  a  fouryear system with option for degree after 2/3/4 years has to be  viewed  froma national perspective. Entry 66 to List I of the Seventh  Schedule  to  theConstitution specifically places on the Parliament the responsibility of co-ordination  and  determination  of  standards  in  Higher   Education.   TheUniversity Grants Commission was  established  vide  THE  UNIVERSITY  GRANTSCOMMISSION ACT, 1956 by the Parliament for that  purpose.  Sections  22  andSection 24 of the said Act read as follows:

Section 22. (1) The  right  of  conferring  or  granting  degrees  shall  beexercised only by a University established or incorporated  by  or  under  aCentral Act, a Provincial Act or a State Act or an institution deemed to  bea University under section 3 or an institution  specially  empowered  by  anAct of Parliament to confer or grant degrees.

     (2) Save as provided in sub-section (1), no person or authority  shallconfer, or grant, or hold himself or itself out as  entitled  to  confer  orgrant, any degree.

     (3) For the purposes of this section, “degree’ means any  such  degreeas may, with the previous approval of the Central Government,  be  specifiedin this behalf by the Commission by notification in the official Gazette.

Section 24. Whoever contravenes the provisions of section 22 or  section  23shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one thousand  rupees,  andif the person contravening is an association or other body  of  individuals,every member of such association or other body  who  knowingly  or  wilfullyauthorises or permits the contravention shall be punishable with fine  whichmay extend to one thousand rupees.

Relevant clause of the UGC Regulation on Grant of the First Degree

That the UGC(Minimum Standards of Instruction for  the  Grant  of  theFirst Degree through Formal Education)Regulations, 2003  specified  in  thatthe first degree cannot be awarded for a programme of less than  three  yearduration such as  the  proposed  degree  “Associate  Baccalaureate”  by  theUniversity of Delhi.

8.    Award of Degrees:

8.1   No student shall be eligible for the award of the first degree  unlesshe/she has successfully completed a programme, of not less than three  yearsduration and secured  the  minimum  number  of  credits  prescribed  by  theuniversity for the award of the degree.

8.2   The degree to be awarded may be called the bachelor’s  degree  in  therespective discipline in accordance with nomenclature specified by  the  UGCunder Section 22 (3) of the UGC Act.

Relevant clauses of the Gazette Notification on Specification of Degrees

That vide a  Gazette  Notification  dated  31.1.2004,  the  UniversityGrants Commission with the approval of  the  Central  Government  laid  down“mandatory requirements viz. Minimum essential academic inputs required  forawarding such degrees” :

Specification of Degrees

1.    No University shall confer a degree in violation to the provisions  ofthe notification. It shall be mandatory for the Universities  to  adhere  tothe approved nomenclature of the degree(s) to ensure the observance  of  theminimum standard of instruction before award  of  a  degree  as  hereinafterprescribed. Academic collaborations with the foreign  Universities  for  thegrant of any degree/ diploma/ certificate shall also require prior  approvalof the commission as hereinafter prescribed.

2.  The consolidated list of UGC approved nomenclature  of  degree(s)  forthe purpose of Section 22 (3) of the University Grants Commission Act,  1956is enclosed as Annexure. The approved nomenclature may be  followed  by  thespecific area of specialization to be reflected in the parantheses.

3.  The list shall be reviewed and updated by the UGC from  time  to  timeunder intimation to all the universities. If a university wishes to start  anew course it shall approach the UGC for its approval six  months  prior  tostarting the degree programme.

4.  The courses of study  prescribed  for  the  degree  should  have  beenformally approved by the respective academic  bodies  of  the  university  /institution such as – Board  of  Studies,  Academic  Council  and  GoverningCouncil.

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