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रिफ़ॉर्म का जाप छोड़कर पहले पोस्ट भरो!

Say no to anti-teacher & anti-student “reforms”!

We demand appointments first before any “reforms”!

Defeat the politics of compromise and sabotage!

Vote DTF

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Abha Dev Habib

पढ़िये : एक साहित्यकार की कलम से

Why are posts not being filled?

There is no UGC ban on appointments. Why no appointments then?


The VC’s excuses have varied from time to time. The truth is that posts are not being filled in order to make way for anti-academic “reforms” based on contractualisation of teaching posts. We demand that posts be filled before any talk of “reforms”.

UGC Reservation guidelines of 2006

The VC has been flagrantly violating constitutionally man-dated Reservations, both by delaying implementation of the guidelines and by holding up appointments. Despite rep-resentations to the UGC, the MHRD and the Visitor, he has not been summoned. We must expose the Government’s lip service to Reservations.

Pay Cut & Other Repressive Measures

The VC wants to browbeat us to give up our struggle on our main demands. Should we be cowed down and compromise? Our experience of previous struggles tells us that we must fight back with greater determination, that these repressive measures will be withdrawn when we force the authorities to the negotiating table.

The Way Ahead

The DUTA has steadfastly pursued our demands. It has taken these demands to the President of India, the HRD Minister, the UGC, the Parliamentary Standing Committee, the Chief Minister of Delhi, and MPs of all major political parties. The Prime Minister has also been apprised of the situation in Delhi University. All have been informed about the repressive measures imposed by the VC against the DUTA. All have responded positively, but the Government has failed to deter the VC so far. Why? Because it is keen to implement “reforms” despite widespread opposition. What should we do? The DUTA’s 53-day Relay Hunger Strike brought together teachers, students and karamcharis in joint struggle. We must expand this joint front and take our issues to parents, aspiring students and the general public. The media has recognised the legitimacy of our demands and highlighted them repeatedly. Education is a primary concern of every middle class family today and Delhi University a primary destination for their hopes. General elections are scheduled for 2014. How long can the ruling UPA government remain impervious to popular opposition to its anti-people “reforms”? We must make every effort to unleash popular outrage against the moves to destroy Delhi University.

Compel all other groups to join united struggle

The forthcoming elections are a weapon in the hands of teachers. A massive vote for those who have consistently fought in the DUTA, in the AC and in the EC, will send a signal to the VC and the Government that teachers are resolute in their opposition to “reforms” that will contractualise teaching posts and corporatise the University. It will also compel all groups currently supporting the VC in his “reform”-drive to concede to popular pressure and join a united struggle.

रिफ़ॉर्म का जाप छोड़कर पहले पोस्ट भरो!

Polling on 31 Jan, 10.30 am to 4.30 pm, Lunch Break: 1.30-2.00 pm


B. No.


Abha Dev Habib


Dept of Physics, Miranda House
Tel: 9818383074

to the EC


B. No.


Renu Bala


Dept. of Hindi,
ARSD College

Ph: 9871959997

B. No.


Rudrashish Chakraborty


Dept. of English,
Kirori Mal College

Tel: 9968253813

B. No.


Sujeet Kumar


Dept. of Hindi,
Delhi College of Arts & Commerce
Ph: 9811323323

B. No.


Amitava Chakraborty


Dept. of MILLS,
Arts Faculty
Ph: 9910089928

to the AC

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