Press Statement by Rajib Ray, EC Member

Prof. Dinesh Singh
University of Delhi

November 5, 2012

Sub: Protest against Misrepresentation of Executive Council (dated November 3, 2012) decision regarding teachers’ attendance as Unanimous on the face of Standing Dissent by Elected Member of Executive Council


I am shocked to read Press Reports on the last Executive Council meeting wherein the University is reportedly of the view that the Executive Council’s decision to authorize you to solely devise and implement any mode of ensuring teachers’ regular presence in classrooms, as you may deem fit, as unanimous. This amounts to a brazen misrepresentation of the Executive Council proceedings on the matter, wherein my dissent on this authorization stands. I am forced to reiterate my position that the Executive Council’s decision of December 23, 2009 wherein the V-C was authorized to constitute a Committee to work out the modalities that would ensure teachers’ regular presence and participation in classroom teaching in the light of “Recommendations of DUTA on Academic Reforms and Curbing Absenteeism, 2000” was completely ignored. Hence, it will be grossly malafide, on the part of the University, to persist in describing the decision as unanimous. I want to formally register my protest against this misrepresentation as it not only calls into question my personal integrity but also seeks to damage the mandate that I carry as a member elected by the teachers of the University.

I will be obliged if the Press is directed by the University to publish a corrigendum on the matter so that public knowledge of facts is rectified.

Thanking you.


Rajib Ray
Member, Executive Council
University of Delhi

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