Press Statement by Rajib Ray, EC Member

Press Statement by Rajib Ray, EC Member, University of Delhi

Dated: 5 November 2012

I have been shocked to learn from today’s Press Reports on the proceedings of the last Executive Council that its decision to authorize the V-C to solely devise and implement any mode of teachers’ attendance, as he deems fit, is “unanimous.” I want to categorically state that my dissent on this decision stands. I had dissented as I am of the considered view that the Executive Council had no right to ignore its earlier and standing decision of December 23, 2009 to decide on and act through a Committee with reference to DUTA’s 2000 document on “Academic Reforms and Curbing Absenteeism.” This dissent has been put on record and I have not withdrawn it at any point of time. I have also written a letter to the University V-C protesting against this deliberate misrepresentation of the EC decision by the University (copy attached).

I also want to convey that the Executive Council had no right to abdicate its responsibility and authorize an individual to decide on its behalf. This unfortunate situation completely undermines the significance of a statutory body like the Executive Council and threatens to inaugurate a dictatorship in academic governance which, as is rapidly becoming evident, is bound to have consequences that are detrimental to the collective interests of the University stakeholders. I am also convinced that certain political interests are manipulating the highest statutory bodies of the University and paralyzing their objective and independent mode of functioning. The V-C has taken a very rigid and undemocratic stance against the representative body of teachers, DUTA, and its ongoing agitation. Instead of addressing legitimate issues raised by the DUTA, he and his team of loyalists have preferred to burn all bridges and divert attention from the issues by launching a vitriolic and unwarranted attack on the teaching community. This confrontational attitude of the University administration does not bode well for democracy in general and the confidence of teachers in particular. To talk of any reform in this context of intimidation and brow-beating is absolutely hollow and exposes the hypocrisy and cynicism of the V-C and his team of administrators.

Rajib Ray
Member, Executive Council
University of Delhi

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