Press Release, 19.4.2012

The Delhi University administration’s callous attitude towards students found an absurd expression today, as the students responded with a collective show of distress at their arbitrarily reduced marks in the revised semester results that were published online in the university website, late last night. The Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) is dismayed by the indifference of the university officials who offered no apology or explanation to students and concerned teachers while they removed the revised results from the website later on in the day, and dismissed the previous night’s action as a blunder. Even as confusion continues to reign in students’ minds, the University has not come forth with any official clarification.

The DTF feels that this arbitrary behaviour on the part of the university Administration confirms the widespread allegation that the semester results had been fudged in the first place. It amounts to a tacit confession. On the other hand, the University Administration’s insensitivity can be further gauged by the ridiculous manner in which it has alarmed and agitated students who are currently preparing for their second semester examinations. The DTF feels that the university should immediately clarify the reasons for the blunder and the Vice-Chancellor must take personal responsibility for it and apologise to the students and teachers of the University.

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