Press Release, 31.5.09

On Government move to implement National Knowledge Commission Report

The Democratic Teachers’ Front expresses its deep concern over the manner in which Shri Kapil Sibal spelled out the agenda of commercializing and privatizing the higher education immediately after taking the charge of the HRD ministry. Contrary to the talks by the UPA government of inclusive growth and emphasis on social sector, of which higher education is an integral part, the HRD minister has expressed eagerness to implement the regressive report of the National Knowledge Commission. The report had been shelved by the HRD Ministry after it had come under sever criticism by academia all over the country. The implementation of the National Knowledge Commission means pushing Universities and colleges toward greater mobilization of funds to the tune of 20% for meeting their expenses, curtailing the powers of the Academic Council, University Court and Executive Council, which in the opinion of the NKC “slow down decision-making processes and sometimes constitute an impediment to change”, and different salary structures for similar positions in the same institution.

The Foreign Educational Bill, which the Minister assured to table in the parliament soon, will not only lead to privatization of higher education with a reckless pace, but it will also open floodgates for all kinds of institutions in the name of Foreign Universities to plunder resources of the country. Higher education will become a luxury for a few and its mass character would stand undermined.

This would amount to blocking access to higher education for the large number of aspiring young people who, given their economic condition, will be forced to opt out. The Democratic Teachers’ Front appeals to the teaching community to guard against such anti-higher education moves of the emboldened UPA Government and resist every move detrimental to the interest of higher education.


2 thoughts on “Press Release, 31.5.09

  1. I appreciate the feeling expressed by Dr. Arora Ji. He has pointed out the bureaucracy predominancy in Academic Institutions/Universities all over the country. No one is worried regarding delay by HRD for the FITMENT Table till date whereas it was to be released in Feb. itself. No Teachers associations have taken up this matter either with the respective vice-chancellors/ HRD Minister till date in a transparent way. All the Central Govt. Employees either IAS/IPS or others are enjoying the full revised salary and have taken 40% of Arrears too. Here in BHU no one is worried about the upliftment of Academics. It appears that even Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor is unconcerned as other office staff.
    It is an urgent need to make full awareness among the Teaching Community for their right and unity to come forward rather than waiting on existing Leaders of the so called associations. Please get united to save the Prestige of Academics at the earliest possible.
    I request Hon’ble HRD Minister to use his own experiences for maintaining the Dignity of Faculty of Universities for making the Country more progressive on all fronts without further delay. FITMENT TABLE and associated benefits be immediately released with directives to University administrators.


  2. 1. DTF, DUTA, AIFUCTO have always talked big big things. They have not been able to get the fitment table released form MHRD or UGC for the last five months for the revised and approved pay scales by MHRD.
    2. Have they lost faith in usefulness, importance, value and strength of the united teachers?
    3. Every teacher must search his soul why teachers get the revision only after IAS and other Govt. staff gets the revision and that also after a year or two.
    4. Analysis must be done as to who is to be blamed for this situation and take remedial steps.
    5. HRD ministry that cannot prepare fitment tables or has no talent in UGC to prepare fitment tables as per 6th pay comission scales, must delegate it to Teachers Associations who can do it fast and get it vetted from MHRD. Or MHRD should be transparent about the reaons for delay and how many years project it is for them so that teachers should not wait endlessly about the revised pay. This is really not fair. Then there is one AICTE that has no bakbone of its own. They will be the last to follow the UGC pay gudieliens in entirety. All sorts of excuses are being made every time teachers meet them.
    6. The real first reform needed is respecting the sentiments of the teaching community before anything else can be done.

    Teachers, either agree or disagree. must express your views. Comments are invited from the right thinking teachers.


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