UGC Fitment Tables still awaited

See Fitment Tables issued on 11.02.2009 by Delhi University

Click here to view fitment tables sent to Principals on 11.02.2009 with regard to “Revised pay structure applicable to University/College Teachers” and including tables for the following:

  • Lecturer
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Incumbent Readers and Lecturers (Selection Grade) who have not completed 3 years in the Reader’s scale
  • Incumbent Readers and Lecturers (Selection Grade) who have completed 3 years in the Reader’s scale
  • Professor / Principal

6 thoughts on “UGC Fitment Tables still awaited

  1. UGC Teachers ignored!
    While it is categorically and unequivocally asserted by those at the helm of affairs of the domain of Education in our country that the role of teachers (of higher education in various Universities in India) is crucial to take India forward as the leader of Human Resources in the world, the inordinate delay on the part of the University Grants Commission in coming out with the fitment formula in respect of the UGC Sixth Pay Commission even after a lapse of three months (the HRD Ministry had issued the Fitment Notification on 4th June 2009) will only send the unfortunate message of how the UGC teachers are ignored, humiliated and deprived of equality in enjoying the fruits of the enhanced privileges given by the Central Cabinet in January 2009. For, the Central Government employees, for whom the Government had implemented the Sixth Central Pay Commission last year after paying the first instalment of arrears (40%), are going to get their second and final instalment of arrears (60%) before the Vijaya Dasami/Diwali festival. When would the UGC teachers get their pay package implemented?


  2. The fact that the UGC Pay report approved by the Government does not incorporate the fitment table is strange and defies all logic. It is still more puzzling how the Teachers Unions have not pointed out this glaring blunder in a report. While the employees of the Central Government could have their first instalment of arrears, the UGC is yet to present a fulfledged report enabling the UGC teachers enjoy the new package, even after a lapse of six months.

    Even more puzzling is the fact that the MHRD has introduced a strange philosophy of applying an illogical principle of classifying the Readers/Associate Professors into (a) those who have completed 3 years of service and (b) those who have not competed 3 years of service in the cadre as on 01.01.2006. No Pay Commissions have in the past made such a wonderful(!) classification, as adopted above, and thus depriving a just and equitable treatment to this hapless cadre “Readers/Associate Professors” which is the middle position between Lecturer and Professor. It is imperative on the part of the Government to set right this anomaly and do justice to this important cadre among UGC teachers.

    Indifference in this regard will only complicate the matters resulting in discrimination and injustice meted out to this cadre.

    Let the UGC, the MHRD and Government act and rectify the blunder committed.


  3. I would like to know would UGC be issuing any fitment table for retired college lecturers who had been getting ugc scale 12000-420-18300? GUNINDER SINGH


  4. It is a curse for the ugc teachers because the government is making much delay for releasing the Fitment Table. All eyes are on Fitment Table. May know when I will be released ?


  5. What stops our Associations( ) that they can’t meet the new HRD minister and speak about implementation of revised pay scales already approved. Have the great leaders of great teachers lost faith in themselves to lead or their members who support them. At least we shall know the philosophy of the new minister on this matter and what lies ahead for teachers and the students of this great country. It seems they have been gagged. Really, there is no statement, no info, circular, news or excitement from their side. What has gone wrong with them all -state or centre level associations. And IIMs and IITs are another lot who seem the least interested in their revised pay scales. Are they ascetics of gurukul days ? Not really. Not understandable really. Will some one comment?


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