Letter to VC

On VC’s letter to principals and teachers regarding evaluation centres

The Vice-Chancellor,
University of Delhi,

March 19, 2009

Dear Prof. Pental,

This is about the letter dated March 14, 2009 regarding the special meeting of the Executive Council held on February 09, 2009 sent to all College Principals and teachers wherein you have referred to issues which were not decided in the said meeting.

No decision was taken on evaluation taking place only at centralized evaluation centres and neither was any decision taken on reporting to “EC for necessary action”

It is shameful that as head of the august body you show no regard to due process. It was clearly indicated that matters mentioned above do not come within the purview of the Executive Council. There is no sanctity of this letter issued by you on behalf of the EC.

Any changes of evaluation process have to be discussed in the Academic Council. I wish to reiterate the fact that only with the full co-operation of the teaching faculty can such issues be addressed. You are requested to rectify/withdraw your latest communiqué at the earliest.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from selective amnesia!


Rajib Ray
Member, Executive Council
University Of Delhi


4 thoughts on “Letter to VC

  1. Congrats Rajib for such a fitting letter!! I wish that we should have few more fellows like you. Only then we can try arresting the present downfall of DU !!

    But please also post the followup action on this front (as and when it happens).


  2. Maja aa gaya boss! The letter lifts our spirit in these troubed times! I wish other members of the EC were also as discerning and upright! Keep up!


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