DUTA Executive meeting requisitioned

DTF members demand discussion on progress in negotiations with MHRD / UGC

Mr. Aditya Narayan Mishra,
Delhi University Teachers’ Association

February 26, 2009

The DUTA General Body Meeting held on 5 February 2009 had authorized the DUTA office-bearers to negotiate with the Government unfulfilled demands of the teaching profession which were not conceded by the Government of India in its Notification in regard to teachers’ pay revision. In the given situation where the code of conduct for the Government in view of parliamentary elections will come into operation soon, it is imperative that the DUTA executive discusses the progress in the negotiations and the possibilities of securing those demands. It is also imperative that the DUTA Executive devises appropriate response and action on an urgent basis.

Convening such a meeting is all the more important given the mindset of the UGC/MHRD to deny /delay promotions through additional, irrational conditionalities. The UGC has since made certain inescapable corrections, that too partially leaving out those who have become Readers / Lecturers (Selection Grade) after 1.1.2006, where it had overstepped its jurisdiction. The threat of more negative changes, let alone meeting our unfulfilled demands, looms large. It is required, therefore, to convey to the Government and its agencies that the teaching community is committed to its demands and is determined to secure them. The DUTA demands relate to making the teaching profession attractive for drawing and retaining talent and securing a dignified post-retirement life for every teacher, whether those few who have been compelled to suffer with CPF scheme or the new teachers who have joined and will join the profession after 1.1.2004.

You may recall that the two Executive meetings held since the last DUTA GBM have been held under a severe time constraint with FEDCUTA meetings scheduled after them. In these meetings, even the elected members of the DUTA Executive have been denied the opportunity to place and discuss their views.

You may also be aware that there is a sense of disquiet in the teaching community over the lack of progress over securing our unfulfilled demands and the likely shape of things to come from the UGC. There was a massive dharna by teachers of DU, JNU, Jamia Milia Islamia on 25.2.2009 to highlight these demands and concerns and to urge the teachers’ unions – the DUTA & the FEDCUTA – to play their roles a unions. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the DUTA Executive to meet urgently to address the widespread misgiving that the charter of demands of the teaching profession is being given a quiet burial. It is in the interest of our collective body, the DUTA, and of higher education that a sense of dejection over the silence on its demands does not grow, especially among its younger members.

In view of the gravity of the situation, we the undersigned members of the DUTA Executive, requisition a meeting of the DUTA Executive. We urge you to convene the meeting at the earliest.

Rudrashish Chakraborty
Amar Deo Sharma
Sheo Dutt
Renu Bala
Giriraj Bairwa


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