DUTA movement against 30-70 funding formula

The DUTA, under the leadership of Rajib Ray, led an intense movement in 2018 against decrease in public funding towards implementation of 7 CPC. The 30-70 funding formula required institutions to generate 30% of the increased spending towards implementation of 7th CPC. This would have led to manifold increase in students’ fees.

MHRD Notifications on 7th Pay Revision (Page No. 312-364) – See highlighted sections

Finance Committee minutes- See highlighted section

The DUTA strengthened the movement by including students, teachers and karamcharis. A large number of joint protests were held along with AIFUCTO and FEDCUTA. The DUTA reached out to general citizens through an online petition by Rajib Ray, President DUTA to the Prime Minister against commercialisation of public funded higher education. The petition gathered over 2 lakh signatures. The DUTA also reached out to leaders of political parties and Members of Parliament. Successful protests led to wide media coverage building the pressure on the Government to review its decision. On 28 March 2018, over 15,000 students, teachers and karamcharis marched from Mandi House to Parliament Street. Many universities in and around Delhi participated including JNU, Jamia, AMU and IGNOU.

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