Letter to VC, 19 June 2014

Professor Dinesh Singh
University of Delhi
Delhi -110007

19 June 2014

Subject: Agenda of the meeting of the Executive Council scheduled for 23 June 2014

Dear Professor Singh,

The Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) and the implementation of 200 point reservation roster are two crucial matters before University of Delhi. I have learnt that on both these matters the UGC has written to the University to review its stances. Meetings of the Academic Council and the Executive Council are scheduled on 21 June and 23 June 2014 respectively. These letters should be circulated to members of these statutory bodies. The University should rectify the errors it has committed in both the cases as lives of thousands of students and teachers and the reputation of this premier University are at stake.

Furthermore, agenda items 2A-1, 2B-1, 2C-1, 2C-2, 2C-3 and 2F-1 presume that the Academic Council meeting of 21 June 2014 will make certain decisions and recommend the same to the Executive Council. Such presumptions undermine the statutory bodies. Labelling agenda items placed before the Academic Council as “recommendations to the Executive Council by the Academic Council likely to be made…”, amounts to unduly influencing the decision of a body which should frankly debate and discuss issues before taking decisions. A valid agenda cannot be based on presumptions about what those recommendations might be. These agenda items, therefore, should be dropped from the scheduled meetings of the Academic Council and the Executive Council so as not to vitiate and undermine the process of decision making.


Abha Dev Habib
Member, Executive Council
University of Delhi
Delhi 110007

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