Press Release, 20.8.2013

The DTF condemns in strongest terms the Delhi University administration for putting to use the official machinery in a desperate attempt to influence the outcome of the elections to the Delhi University Teachers’ Association. It has held several meetings apparently to discuss foundation courses where adhoc teachers of various colleges have been exclusively invited. In these meetings, the attending teachers have been told to vote against groups and individuals who have been vocal and active in the opposition against FYUP. In a brazen misuse of the official platform, the AAD-INTEC presidential candidate was introduced and allowed to seek votes for himself. University officials are also directly campaigning against the DTF, shamelessly promising laptops to teachers and pressing them to ensure the victory of an administration-friendly candidate.

The administration is aware that the teaching community which has been subjected to all forms of insecurities and indignities, does not take kindly to its overtures. Calling such meetings of ad hoc teachers smacks of a false belief that their vulnerabilities can be exploited. Teachers understand that the process of the elections to the DUTA is part of the movement for the restoration of the secure and academic standing of teachers. They will give a fitting rebuff to this undignified transgression through secret ballot on 29 August 2013.

While this nexus between groups wholeheartedly supporting academic destruction and misgovernance is not surprising, it is yet another completely unacceptable step that the official meetings become blatant instruments of political machinations. The DTF calls upon teachers to give a fitting reply to the administration and the administration’s cronies in the forthcoming DUTA elections.

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