DUTA: March for your Rights

Join the March to MHRD on 21 March

March for Your Rights!

DU is being systematically destroyed!

Over 4000 teaching positions remain vacant;

DU has failed to implement UGC 2006 guidelines regarding reservation;

issues of students, teachers and karamcharis remain unresolved;

the University is being restructured and anti-people “reforms” are being bulldozed.

and MHRD remains a silent spectator!

Strengthen the Teachers’ Movement

Join the March in Large Numbers

21 March, 2013

March to MHRD


  • Immediate filling up of vacant teaching and non-teaching posts

  • Implementation of UGC guidelines of 2006 regarding reservation

And Against

  • Inordinate delay in resolving anomalies and the legitimate demands vis-a-vis the Pay Revision 2008

  • Point system and negative service conditions for teachers (The UGC goes back on its promise to scrap API system of promotion – a ploy to deny promotions: TOI, March 12: UGC retains Academic Performance Index for teachers’ promotion)

  • Retrograde Bills on Higher Education

  • Commodification of Higher Education

Assemble outside Zakir Husain Delhi College (next to Ram Lila Maidan) at 11:30

Appeal to Students and Teachers to Join the Protest

Let us March Together!

Protest March to MHRD 21-3-2013


(Buses will start from (i) Dyal Singh College, (ii) MLN College and (iii) DUTA office, North Campus at 10:30 am.)
Phone numbers, DUTA Office: 27666351, 27667822


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