Press Release, 5.2.2013

Join protest against Narendra Modi’s visit to SRCC

The DTF takes strong exception to the visit of Mr. Narendra Modi to Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, on 6 February 2013. Narendra Modi symbolises the worst form of communalism and the politics of divisiveness, hatred and murder. His government is guilty of abetting the 2002 carnage following the Godhra coach burning. The carnage was followed by systematic destruction of evidence, a deliberately botched up investigation and the creation of an atmosphere of fear leading to witnesses turning hostile. The atmosphere of fear and intimidation continues in Gujarat even today. Mr. Modi’s rule has also seen a systematic attack on academic freedom in the Universities.

The motive behind this visit appears to be to project Narendra Modi as an administrator who can deliver development and to suppress his role in the Gujarat carnage. The DTF condemns the decision of Shri Ram College of Commerce to have provided a platform to a person whose politics is antithetical to a secular and humane India.

The DTF calls upon students, teachers and karamcharis to join the protest against Narendra Modi’s visit at 3 pm at the college gate.

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