Letter to VC, 20.4.2011

DTF AC/EC members write to VC on admission notification

Professor Dinesh Singh
The Vice Chancellor
University of Delhi
Delhi 110007

April 20, 2011

Subject: Notification on the Admission Process

Dear Professor Singh,

We take serious note of the Notification (No. Aca.I/2011-12/, Dated 19 April 2011) on the admission process to be followed in the academic session 2011-12. We wish to raise the following concerns:

1. Clause 1 of the notification reads:

There will be no pre-admission forms (physical or on-line) either at the University or at the college level. This means that both the centralized OMR pre-admission form as well as the college pre-admission form will be discontinued.

We wish to bring to your notice that teachers have raised apprehensions and concerns on the new admission policy which may lead to over-admissions. It is important that the DU administration realizes that today colleges are facing acute shortage of lecture rooms and lab spaces as the University and the Colleges have failed to build the requisite infrastructure after the OBC expansion. At this juncture the problem of over-admission cannot be treated as a triviality. The teachers, who have carried out the work of admissions year after year, are of the considered opinion that they are equipped to interpret the data to decide the cut-off but without the data it shall be difficult to declare cut-offs. It is beyond our comprehension how the University can bring out this notification when teachers and Principals have voiced their concerns on the matter. The DU administration should carry out serious deliberations on the matter.

We also wish to point out that the matter should have been placed for discussion in the Standing Committee for Admission, which has representation from the various sections of the University.

2. Clause 10 of the notification reads:

The prospectus of the college should clearly state that all undergraduate degree courses shall be taught in semester mode in the academic session 2011-12.

This is a serious infringement on the right of the decision making statutory bodies. The DU administration is well aware that courses are not ready and serious deliberations are going on regarding this matter. The Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, has communicated to you the decision of the meeting of 23 March 2011.

By inserting this clause you are denying the Committee of Courses, the Faculties, the Academic Council, the Executive Council and the University Court the opportunity to apply their mind and decide the matter. No ordinances exist with respect to the semester courses till date. To put clause 10 in the notification will be giving misleading information to the concerned students and parents. It will be violation of the Act of the University as admissions can be made only against the existing ordinances and courses.

Further, the matter of 13 Science Courses is pending before the High Court. In the Order passed on 8 February, the High Court says:

Needless to say, if this Court eventually finds fault or infirmity in the introduction of the semester system by the University, it shall pass appropriate equitable orders.

In light of this, a clause like (10) is tantamount to (i) disrespecting the Court’s wisdom and (ii) pre-empting the Court judgement.

We demand that Clause (10) be dropped immediately and discussions be held on the entire matter before deciding on a new admission policy.


Rajib Ray
EC Member
Sheo Dutt
AC Member
Renu Bala
AC Member
Amitava Chakraborty
AC Member
Rakesh Kumar
AC Member

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