Press Release, 17.6.2010

On VC approving Ordinance amendments under emergency powers

It is a matter of grave concern that Prof. Deepak Pental, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi has chosen to usurp the powers of the authorities of the University of Delhi, namely the Academic Council, Executive Council, the University Court and the Visitor. This official of the University of Delhi has in effect become the University of Delhi. He tampers with courses with the help of a few Heads of the Departments who are willing to flout all statutory processes to patch together poor syllabi not discussed and scrutinized by experienced and qualified faculty of the University, debars the Academic Council from discussing the academic framework governing these undergraduate science syllabi and makes the EC and the University Court irrelevant by choosing not to convene these bodies and even cancelling a meeting that was already convened.

On 25.05.2010 and 26.5.2010, he challenged the authority of the Visitor of the University, the Hon’ble President of India who is the highest authority of the University. He has again done so vide a notification issued on 14 June 2010. While on 25-26 May 2010 he directed by using emergency powers colleges to admit students to 13 undergraduate science courses, on 14 June 2010 he has modified various Ordinances again using emergency powers.

He falsely claims that the emergency powers vested in him under Statute 11(G)(4) allows him to approve courses and amend Ordinances. The fact of the matter is the said provision does not give him arbitrary powers to govern the university by bypassing and marginalising the authorities of the University. Given the increasing abuse of this provision by some rogue Vice Chancellors who were assuming arbitrary powers, the Visitor had forbidden VCs from using emergency power on policy matters and on routine matters (letter of the MHRD dated 11 June 2001 is attached). The provision is strictly envisaged for dealing with impending administrative chaos if the VC were to wait for a due meeting. In using such powers to approve courses and to amend Ordinances, the VC has defied the directive of the Visitor who appoints the VC and is the highest authority of the University.

Any new course can be introduced only through an Ordinance. An Ordinance can only be framed by the Executive Council and not the VC. An Ordinance, even when it is thus framed, requires the approval of the University Court and comes into operation only after a month, provided the Visitor does not direct otherwise.

The teaching community will not accept arbitrary and illegal action by Prof. Deepak Pental and shall also rebuff the letters written by the Registrar of the University to the DUTA and to individual teachers threatening them with action.

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