News update on the semester system

Meeting of Economics teachers on 04-02-2010

A meeting of economics teachers from various colleges and faculty of the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics with the Vice-Chancellor was held on 04-02-2010 at the Lecture Theatre, Delhi School of Economics to discuss the semesterization of B.A.(Hon.) Economics course from 2010-11. This meeting followed two earlier meetings of the college teachers with the faculty from the Department on 18-11-2009 and 22-01-2010 on the same issue, both the meetings leading to the teachers unanimously rejecting the implementation of semester system for undergraduate courses from 2010 on grounds of desirability as well as feasibility.

The third meeting, with the VC, on 04-02-2010, like the previous meetings, was attended in large number by both teachers from colleges as well as faculty from the Department. The college teachers passed the following resolution at the end of the meeting and submitted it to the HOD, Deptt. of Economics:

In view of the fact that the Vice-Chancellor did not address ANY of the serious issues raised by the teachers, we unanimously reject the hurried and half-baked imposition of the semester system. Further, we unanimously reiterate our earlier stand taken in the meeting held on 22nd Jan, 2010. We also decide, unanimously, not to participate in any work related to the implementation of the proposed semester system.

Major issues raised in the meeting held on 22nd Jan, 2010 are attached for reference. None of these were addressed by the V-C.


  1. It might be noted that not a single committee has been formed so far towards semesterization of B.A.(Hon.) Economics course. In his desperation, the Vice-Chancellor in the meeting indicated his willingness to get the course revision exercise towards semesterization done through channels outside the official framework of the Department of Economics. Since such a move would not only be illegal but have serious repurcussions for the future of the University, we must adopt strict vigil and be on the lookout for any such illegal and illegimate course revision exercise that takes place without the involvement of the Department.
  2. Kindly circulate this as widely as possible.

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