Press Release, 1.8.2009

On Aditi Mahavidyalaya

The DTF holds the Delhi Government and the college administration responsible for the unfortunate and the ugly incidents in Aditi Mahavidyalaya yesterday. However, provocations and assault would not distract the teachers of the college from their demand to shift the college out of the unsafe and extremely dangerous building that presently houses it.

The callous attitude of the Delhi Government and the administration is evident. The ceiling of one lab caved in March 2008. That did not wake up the administration to shift out of the old dilapidated structure unsuitable for a college. The college was started in this building since its inception in 1994 with the promise by the Delhi Government that a new building would be built. Even after 15 years, the college continues in the same more than 50 year old building. The poor quality of construction and maintenance led to the caving in of the ceiling. The ceiling of one more lab has collapsed in May 2009.

The DTF demands that the college be shifted out to a safe building. The teachers of the college have given alternative suggestions too. But the administration is bent on spending more money on dubious repair work. The Staff Council of the College has rightly decided against allowing construction and repair in the existing building. Such construction and repair do not inspire confidence and do not ensure safety. The public exchequer is simply squandered in repeated patch work. The DTF supports the decision of the teachers of Aditi Mahavidyalaya not to teach in the building. While the teachers are teaching in the open under adverse circumstances keeping in mind the interest of the students, the administration has shown insensitivity towards the safety of the teachers, karamcharis and of the young students enrolled in the college. The DTF warns the Delhi Government that if the demand for shifting is not met urgently, the university community would be forced into agitational action.


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