Press Release, 23.7.2009

DTF candidates for DUTA elections

The Democratic Teachers’ Front in its General Body meeting today took stock of the grave challenges facing higher education in the country as well as in the University of Delhi. It took serious note of the dangerous policy of the Government to privatise higher education and to invite FDI as a solution. A Government that is committed to join the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) under the WTO is bent on commercialising higher education. Public funded institutions are being pushed toward commercialisation through semester system to facilitate inter-institution credit transfer and rating of all by NAAC and such agencies. The DU VC has failed to stand up with the university community and is autocratically pushing through the government agenda. Implantation of the semester system for undergraduate programmes, given the constraints, would adversely affect academic standards in the University of Delhi. The only purpose is to have bilateral exchange with private universities to earn some money.

The DTF also took note of the unpreparedness and the unwillingness on the part of the leadership of the DUTA to represent serious concerns mentioned above. Given the record of the DUTA leadership in the recent past – refusing to take on the government on the issue of pay revision that has not addressed the issue of flight of talent from teaching profession – the DTF believes the that the forthcoming DUTA elections are going to be crucial both for the University and for the Association.

In order to reforge DUTA as a responsible collective body and to recover its fighting tradition, the DTF has decided to put up the following candidates for the DUTA election to be held on 27 August 2009:

DUTA President:

Renu Bala, ARSD College.

DUTA Executive:

1. Kapil Dev Prasad Nishad, PGDAV College

2. Kuldeep Kumar, SGTB Khalsa College

3. Pradeep Kumar Singh, B R Ambedkar College

4. Rudrashish Chakraborty, Kirori Mal College.

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