Press Release, 27.06.2009

DTF opposes Delhi Govt move on DCE

The DTF expresses its deep concern over the reported decision by the Cabinet of NCT of Delhi to convert Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) to Delhi Technological University. Such a decision is high-handed, arbitrary, undemocratic and academically undesirable. Neither the faculty of DCE nor the University of Delhi have been consulted in this regard. Both would be poorer if such a move were allowed to pass. The University of Delhi is a large university and there are only a few engineering and medical faculties. Cutting off such branches of knowledge from the University would be disastrous. Similarly, DCE would be isolated from a proper University converted into a nominal University dealing with a narrow specialised area. The Govt. of NCT must not jump into mindless creation of specialised Universities. Even the Yashpal committee report has called into question the desirability of such institutions which conflict with the very idea of a university.

There is of course need for expanding quality education in such areas. The Government must invest in new institutions to meet the growing requirements and not sever existing ones from their parent bodies. The DCE has acquired an academic reputation despite its complete mismanagement by the Govt of NCT of Delhi. Large number of vacancies over long periods, denial of pay revision and promotion to teachers making teaching unattractive and petty bureaucratic interference by the DTTE have all caused an unhealthy working environment. The DCE faculty has withstood all these to create a name for itself. The Government has not bothered to seek the opinion of the faculty before initiating such an ill-thought step. The DTF agrees with the Teachers’ Association of DCE which has argued against the proposed conversion and has asked for changing the status of the College to a constituent college of the University of Delhi like the University College of Medical Sciences.


One thought on “Press Release, 27.06.2009

  1. D C E ke mudde par dtf ka stand bilkul thik hai, isko turant aur logon ko batane ki jarurat hai. pradeep kr singh


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