Clarification re: Draft UGC Notification

UGC retreats with regard to incumbent Readers and Lecturers (Selection Grade)

Clarification Regarding Draft Regulation for UGC Notification on Revision of Pay Scales.

The UGC has received order from Government of India dated 31st December 2008 regarding scheme of revision of pay of teachers and equivalent cadres in universities and colleges as per the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission. The Government has also released grant for payment of 40% of arrears. The Commission is in the process of releasing the grant to the universities and colleges. The centrally funded universities and colleges are requested to make payment in accordance with Government of India notification dated 31st December 2008 and the UGC draft Regulations may not be taken into account while releasing the arrears. It is further clarified that incumbent Readers and Lecturers (Selection Grade) who have completed 3 years in the current pay scale of Rs. 12000-18300 on 1.1.2006 shall be placed in the Pay Band of Rs. 37400-67000 with AGP of Rs. 9000 and shall be re-designated as Associate Professor. Incumbent Readers and Lecturers (Selection Grade) who had not completed three years in the pay scale of Rs. 12000-18300 on 1.1.2006 shall be placed at the appropriate stage in the Pay Band of Rs. 15600-39100 with AGP of Rs. 8000 till they complete 3 years of service in the grade of Lecturer (Selection Grade) / Reader, and thereafter shall be placed in the higher Pay Band of Rs. 37400-67000 and accordingly re-designated as Associate Professor. The Institutions are requested to make payment in accordance with these provisions. The fitment tables are expected from the Government of India any time. As and when the same are received, these will be placed on the UGC website and Institutions may make payment accordingly.


4 thoughts on “Clarification re: Draft UGC Notification

  1. What is the fate of readers promoted after 1/1/2006. Will they be promoted after three years or there is some precondition.


  2. The incumbent Professors as on 1.1.2006 or those who have completed 10 years as Professors before the implementation of the revised pay scales should not be subjected to any conditions for higher AGP of 12000/- as at the time of their promotion there was only one category of Professors.Secondly, the MHRD notification clause that the Ph.D. requirement shall not apply to the existing Professors should be expressly incorporated in the UGC Regulations.


  3. A few observations and many questions on the UGC Notification/ Clarification:

    1.The onus of gathering a Ph.D. Degree has been shifted from the 12th year of service to the 4th year. Earlier the teacher was given upto 12 years to complete her Ph.D. Now if the teacher does not complete Ph.D. Within 4 years she has to count losses. The MHRD Notification (the cause of peril for young teachers) had suggested a smoother transition from AGP of 6000 to AGP of 7000 after 4 years of service. Now it has been prolonged to 5/6 years for many teachers. Even though we may consider the proposed rule to be similar to the earlier regulations for promotion to Senior Lecturership with Ph..D., given the terrible losses imposed on the younger teachers, even the adherence to this existing rule will be an additional burden.
    2.Most teachers in DU spend a large part, if not the whole of their first 4 years in ad hoc service. While being ad hoc a teacher cannot avail Study Leave. This makes it almost impossible for a teacher to have a Ph.D. within 4 years of service, thus nullifying the hope of being able to offset the loss imposed by the curtailing the initial AGP of 6600 to 6000.
    3.The UGC says the PASS points will have to be gathered within the respective period of promotion. So, the research papers and seminar participation required for movement from AGP 6000 to 7000 will have to be gathered in the first four years. We know the attitude of Principals in granting any kind of leave, let alone Duty Leave. Sure shot formula to FAIL under the PASS system.
    4.Unlike the promotion from Asst. Professor to Associate Professor there is no stipulated committee to decide over the process of movement between AGP of 6000/7000/8000. Which then means that it would be at the mercy of the College Principals to grant these upward movements. Congratulations! To draconian Principals like Gitinder Kaur and Rama Patnayak – they shall thrive under the new system.
    There is already some talk among sections of the young teachers, who are afraid of artitrary reports by College Principals, to initiate a system of Attendance for College teachers. That would be a back-hand victory for the authorities.

    And the DUTA President shall preside over the celebrations!


  4. Therefore, once again it is the Pay Band 3 teachers who have to bear the losses. They have to complete Ph.D. if they want to get Pay Band 4. But I suppose that is a far cry, as most of those in PB3 may never get PB4 as by the time they qualify it would be time for the 7th Pay Commission.

    I have heard that in previous Pay Commissions it has always benefited new entrants. This is truly a ‘historic’ Pay Commission in which the young has been guttered, not only by the UGC-MHRD but also by the DUTA. Well DONE!

    Any one who is aspiring to become a college/university teacher – please think again!


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