Discussion on MHRD pay notification

The DTF invites you to a discussion on the MHRD Notification on pay revision on 31 January 2009 (Saturday), 2 pm, in Room 22, Arts Faculty.

The DTF Leaflet entitled The MHRD pay notification: The facts behind the hype made an initial critique of the Notification showing the downgrading of the teaching profession. Unfortunately, the DUTA leadership has been unwilling to accept this fact. It has failed to circulate a critique of the Notification to form the basis of discussion over appropriate demands and necessary course of action in the Staff Associations. Subsequently, about 1500 teachers have requisitioned a DUTA General Body meeting. A DUTA Extended Executive meeting has now been called on 2 February 2009 to be followed by a General Body Meeting on 5 February 2009.

The purpose of the discussion is to help to understand better the consequences of the notified scheme of pay revision both for incumbent teachers as well as for those whom universities and colleges wish to attract. A better understanding is all the more necessary since a completely different scheme of pay scales has been introduced by the Sixth Pay Commission. There are also some significant divergences between the scheme introduced by the Sixth Pay Commission and the scheme notified for teachers by the MHRD, for instance the distinction between Grade Pay and Academic Grade Pay.

We invite you to participate and contribute so that there is an informed discussion and decision on action at the DUTA Extended Executive Meeting and the General Body Meeting.

Download invitation here.


16 thoughts on “Discussion on MHRD pay notification

  1. Plz let me know that about the revised pay scales of some post like System analysts, Documentation officer, Research Officer etc. working in the Universities. The MHRD hasn’t issued any separate notification regarding them so far. I belong to the same category (Documentation officer) and am still waiting for the revised pay. Plz help me if you have any kind of information (notification) about my pay scale.


    (Recognized by Government of Maharashtra vide G.R.-RGA-
    1003/C.N.4/2003/16-A Dt.3.3.03)
    (Affiliated to M.S.Federation of Gazetted Officers)

    Secretary President
    Dr.H.A.Huda S.S.Andhare
    Address: Vidyut Nagar, V.M.V.Road, Amravati 444604


    Subject-Amendment of Clause XXII of paragraph 7 regarding Incentives for Ph.D/M.Phil.


    1) Government of Maharashtra Higher & Technical
    Education Department, Resolution No.NGC 2009/(243
    /09)-UNI-1, Mantralaya Annex, Mumbai–400032.
    Date: 12th August 2009.
    2) Government of India Department of Higher Education,
    Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi.
    Letter No.1-32/2006-U.II/U.I (i) dated 31.12.2008.

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    G.R. and Letter at 1 and 2 above variously extended the benefit of advance increments for possessing Ph.D./M.Phil and other higher qualifications.

    Clause XXII of paragraph 7 regarding ‘incentives for Ph.D/M.Phil and other qualifications’ in above reads as under.

    “For posts at the entry level where no such advance increments were admissible for possessing Ph.D/ M.Phil. under the earlier scheme, the benefits of 5 advance increments for possessing Ph.D./ M.Phil. shall be available to only those appointments which have been made on or after the coming into force of this Scheme.”

    The above clause is unjust, insufficient and ambiguous in the light of following. Persons on any post other than Assistant Professor who acquired Ph.D./M.Phil degree either before entry in service, or during service, are appointed either by nomination or promotion with due permission of UGC, on the post of Assistant Professor and the benefit of protection of pay is extended to them as per rules of State. But consequent upon protection in pay, no benefit of 5/2 advance increments for Ph.D/M.Phil. is accorded to them on the assumption that they are not freshers and therefore their pay is not fixed on lowest (initial) pay in the pay scale meant for the post due to limited coverage (shortfall) of clauses I and II of para-7 of G.R./Letter cited in reference.
    Similarly they are not entitled for 3/1 advance increments as per clauses IV and VIII, as Ph.D/M.Phil.degrees are not acquired during their service career as Assistant Professor.
    Though the clause XXII a little bit covers the interests of said class of persons, but it leaves so many things unexplained therefore it appears to be unjust, insufficient and ambiguous. In order to cover the said class of persons undoubtedly under the umbrella of clause XXII it is requested to amend the clause XXII to give it the following shape and sense.

    “For persons holding any post in previous (past) service cadre where the provision of award of advance increment for possessing Ph.D/M.Phil.was not available either at entry level or in-service career, under any earlier scheme i.e. Pay Commission, the benefit of 5/2 advance increments for possessing Ph.D/M.Phil respectively, shall be available to only those appointments either by nomination or promotion which have been made on or after the coming into force of this scheme.”

    If the clause XXII is amended to this effect as mentioned above, it would benefit all the concerned persons including the members of this Association who have been promoted from junior college lecturer to Assistant Professor after 01.01.2006.Further it would be crystal clear leaving no room for doubt in future.

    Amravati Yours faithfully
    Date-10.11.2009 (S.S.Andhare)


  3. 3 years of service and (b) those who have not competed 3 years of service in the cadre as on 01.01.2006 is justified. One must read the notification revision of 1986, 1996 and the notification dated 31st December, 2008 together.

    Om Parkash Wadhwa
    Associate Professor (Public Administration),
    Pt.NRS Government College, Rohtak


  4. The fact that the UGC Pay report approved by the Government does not incorporate the fitment table is strange and defies all logic. It is still more puzzling how the Teachers Unions have not pointed out this glaring blunder in a report. While the employees of the Central Government could have their first instalment of arrears, the UGC is yet to present a fulfledged report enabling the UGC teachers enjoy the new package, even after a lapse of six months.
    Even more puzzling is the fact that the MHRD has introduced a strange philosophy of applying an illogical principle of classifying the Readers/Associate Professors into (a) those who have completed 3 years of service and (b) those who have not competed 3 years of service in the cadre as on 01.01.2006. No Pay Commissions have in the past made such a wonderful(!) classification, as adopted above, and thus depriving a just and equitable treatment to this hapless cadre “Readers/Associate Professors” which is the middle position between Lecturer and Professor. It is imperative on the part of the Government to set right this anomaly and do justice to this important cadre among UGC teachers.
    Indifference in this regard will only complicate the matters resulting in discrimination and injustice meted out to this cadre.
    Let the UGC, the MHRD and Government act and rectify the blunder committed.


  5. Everyone knows about that UGC has withdraw NET exemption for M.Phil and Ph.D students. But sorry to say no one opposed this regulation openly. There is no big agitation till today. I think we students of M.Phil or Ph.D have done a big crime to complete our course under such a dead men University. It is better if we spend our this valuable time to make career in other line.


  6. With reference to the fitment formula from MHRD I wish to state that a Lecturer SG with Four years is equal to a Lecturer SG with seven years. there after there is bunching of two years, I fail to understand why at one stage there is a bunching of four stages while at the other two stages. Can any one clarify.


  7. Worst fitment table from MHRD for Associate Professor. Deviation from fixation formula given for central VIth pay commission in Pay Band 4.


  8. The pay difference between the last pay drawn in Asst. Professor (selection grade) even after completing 3 years and the beginning salary in Associate Professor is around Rs. 15000. It is quite irrational to fix the salary difference of Rs.15000 in one year alone. I request the authorities concerned to look into this imbalanced pay structure and make amends for that.
    Lecturer in English (SS)
    Government College of Education
    Pudukkottai- 622 001
    Tamil Nadu


  9. make the system of promotion simple and free from the clutches of draconian and disgracing wish and will of signing authorities where pleasing not the performance is the only criteria. decide a minimum criteria to cross the bar after that no interview be required. promotion is a matter of right not a bheek or alms from higher ups. Interviews be done away to purify and dignify the system.


  10. If there has been a pay revision then what is holding up its implementation? And why are both the UGC and MHRD so hesitant to place the situation in public?


  11. I think there is some foul play just before general election. Everything is politics now. Some universities have already started giving revised salary (adhoc) but in most of the universities they are waiting for the fitment table that nobody knows when it will come.


  12. I fail to understand why all the bodies of University Teachers such as AIFCUTA, DUTA, JNUTA, DTF, etc. are sleeping over this issue since last one and half month since Cabinet Approval of pay (Decemebr 15, 2008). If I’m not wrong, since 15th December, picture is as opaque today, as it was on that day. Can anyone of office bearers say that where Govt. wants to put the Readers (Directly recruited or CAS) in the pay band. It is so confusing. Why these bodies have not pressured the UGC to release the Fitment table immedietely, thereafter next action would have been decided. Today, I’m getting the news that DTF or DUTA is calling meeting to discuss the Notification. What kind of Teachers’ Union we have and how serious the Govt. is about higher education in the country. This is very much disgusting as well as frustrating.


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