Press Release, 19.1.09

About 1500 teachers of Delhi University have written today to the President of the DUTA seeking a meeting of the DUTA General Body to discuss and decide course of action on the MHRD notification with regard to teachers’ pay revision. The text of the requisition is as follows:

We, the undersigned members of the DUTA, take a serious view of the failure of the DUTA President to hold a DUTA General Body meeting on the MHRD notification on teachers’ pay revision though the last DUTA GBM had resolved that such a meeting be held. This has denied teachers the right to evaluate and take appropriate action on the notification.

We have achieved one of our important demands of Pay Band 4 for Associate Professors, but equally important is what we have not achieved and what we have lost.

Our demands included upgraded pay scales at all levels (Lecturer, Reader, Professor) and promotion up to Professor’s grade for all teachers. This is what the UGC recommended in 1997.

The MHRD notification has downgraded the teaching profession by lowering the entry pay, delaying promotion to Associate Professor by three years, denying college teachers promotion up to Professor’s grade, lowering the Professor’s grade, not restoring parity of librarians with teachers, etc.

The MHRD notification has also adversely affected teachers by rejecting the recommendations for release of promotional benefits of the last pay revision from 1.1.96, the option to switch from CPF to GPF, and the provision of the assured pension scheme (PF, Gratuity and Pension) for teachers appointed since 1.1.2004.

We, therefore, requisition a meeting of the DUTA General Body to discuss and decide the course of action on the MHRD notification.

It is unfortunate that the DUTA President has substituted himself for the DUTA and is violating the decisions of the DUTA Executive and the General Body. The DTF warns the DUTA President against the continuing violation of the DUTA General Body decision that required him to have convened a meeting of the General Body. Instead, he has chosen to act as a Government agent and not allowed the DUTA to formulate its demands and take them up with the MHRD. The DTF urges the DUTA President to act like the President of a teachers’ association and convene the meeting of the DUTA General Body immediately.


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