Press Release, 1.1.2009

The DTF expresses grave concern over the MHRD notification with regard to pay revision of university and college teachers. After severe criticism of the downgrading of teachers in the proposals announced by the MHRD in the Parliament on 16 December 2006, the Government has only conceded to placement of incumbent Readers in PB4 with a Grade Pay of 9000 after completion of three years of service as Reader. On the rest, the notification reiterates the Parliament announcement and further introduces additional conditions to be specified by the UGC for promotion.

The recommendations of the UGC Pay Review Committee had come in for severe criticism for downgrading the teaching profession.

The Government has downgraded the profession further through the following:

  1. At entry, the Grade Pay has been reduced from 6600 to 6000 and the two advance increments at entry have been withdrawn.
  2. Six years after entry for those with a post- graduate degree and NET, the Grade Pay has been reduced to 7000.
  3. The time required for promotion to Reader / Associate Professor has been increased by three years. This has created a further problem of re-introducing a despicable system of dual emoluments where a promoted Reader / Associate Professor would draw less salary than a directly recruited one. This illegality can only be avoided by restoring the existing time span for promotion to the Associate Professor.
  4. College teachers have been denied promotion to Professor Grade. The provision for creation of a few posts of professor in colleges which would be open for promotion at the discretion of the administration would destroy academic ethos and discourage dissent.
  5. Professors have been downgraded to a Grade Pay of 10000.
  6. The introduction of quota based (10%) promotion of Professors to a Grade Pay of 12000 would destroy the academic environment in the university departments since the administration is authorised to play favourite consequent upon the quota system..
  7. Additional conditions for the delayed promotion to Associate Professor are in the offing since the Government has directed the UGC to stipulate conditions for teachers to move from Grade Pay of 6000 to 7000 and from 7000 to 8000. For teachers who have not already become Reader / Associate Professor, more conditions would be imposed compared to the existing.
  8. The minimum Pay in the Pay Band for the Grade Pays of 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 have not been specified. There are apprehensions that the Pay associated with these would be downgraded to those for Pay Bands of 5400, 6600, 7600 and 8700 in the Government.
  9. There is no stipulation that that the minimum Pay during fixation of existing teachers with various Grade Pays would be at least equal to their equivalents at recruitment at those levels. This can result in much lower salary for teachers compared to IAS at the same /lower Grade Pay.
  10. The librarians are downgraded in comparison to teachers with regard to retirement age and recruitment at the level of Deputy Librarian.

It demands that the Grade Pays and service conditions of teachers at various levels be upgraded in view of the deficiencies mentioned above.


2 thoughts on “Press Release, 1.1.2009

  1. I do agree that there are problems with the pay commission. But still there are few positive things (that requires a big mindset change for Univ authorities specially in DU), one of them being that in principal Professorship is introduced in UG colleges. It was done earlier on (during previous pay commission) but then withdrawn. One can argue and start blame game for this but I think the better way to progress is to first allow Professors to be made in colleges (this actually would be a big change in midset of Univ authorities) and then fight back further. If Teachers Unions keep on blaming each other than there is a good chance that this would be withdrawn.

    The other points that are not clear in notification is : UGC pay commission recommended Academic allowance (Rs 2000/1500 pm). But there is no mention of this in present notification (if I am correct). I think HRD ministry (and UGC) should clarify this point.

    My suggestion (specific to DU) will be : I think once professors are made in colleges, then teacher Unions (in DU) should fight with local authorities to treat these professors at par with Univ Professors, like giving membership to AC/EC and becoming members of Univ courts, becoming part of selection/promotional committees etc. This will further strengthen the say of college teachers in DU !!


    • Thanks for the comment. We too share your concern about denial of professorship in colleges. The creation of posts of professors, however, is not new. It had been provided for in the last two pay revisions but never got implemented. In the last pay revision, for the first time, personal promotion tp Professor was introduced in the colleges. That was withdrawn later. We believe that teachers’ unions should argue for this. Please see our leaflet dated 8.1.2009 on the site.

      The MHRD has unfortunately rejected the recommendation for Academic allowance. We will have to carry on our fight for this too.


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