Press Release, 21.12.2008

The DTF thanks teachers of the University of Delhi for electing all the candidates put up by the DTF to the Executive Council and the Academic Council in the elections held on 19 December 2008.

Executive Council:

Rajib Ray
Dept. of Philosophy, Kirori Mal College

Academic Council:

Abha Dev Habib
Dept. of Physics, Miranda House

Rakesh Kumar
Dept. of Hindi, Ramlal Anand College

Sheo Dutt
Dept. of History, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening)

Vijaya Venkataraman
Dept. of Germanic & Romance Studies

The DTF is committed to fight against the policy of privatisation and commercialisation of education, and downgrading of the teaching profession in the process of pay revision. The DTF is confident that the teaching community will succeed in pursuing the demands for better pay, service conditions, working conditions and infrastructure. The EC/AC members will remain vigilant when pay revision related ordinances are formulated. In the EC/AC, the DTF will fight against rampant administrative arbitrariness and non-observance of the rule of law.

Administrative manipulations including the disregard for Ordinance on sexual harassment have to be challenged. Democratisation of governance, accountability of authorities, transparent implementation of reservation roster, review of restructured programmes such as B.Sc. Programme, and review and rationalisation of the internal assessment system will remain priority issues. The unthinking attempt by the University administration to implant semester system will be defeated.


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