Press Release, 30.4.2007

The Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) demands that the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi becomes a facilitator for fair enquiry and acts on the letter written by nine teachers from the Department of Political Science. These nine teachers from the same department to which Prof. Bidyut Chakraborty belongs have felt constrained to ask that he steps down as the Head of the Department of Political Science and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences since several people associated with the department feel vulnerable in deposing before the enquiry committee investigating the charges of sexual harassment against Prof. Chakraborty.

  1. The DTF urges the Vice Chancellor not to repeat the indefensible stand he had taken a few days earlier that Prof. Chakrtavarty need not step down from his position as the Director of Gandhi Bhavan till proved guilty. He had even ridiculed the recommendation of the Appex Complaint Committee for the above demand by a preposterous remark that the Enquiry Committee members need not be influenced since they are not employees of the Gandhi Bhavan.
  2. It is evident that Prof. Chakrobarty wields considerable power from the number of positions he occupies. It would be in the interest of fair enquiry that he steps down from all administrative positions till proved innocent.
  3. Removal of an accused from position of power is neither a prejudgement nor a punishment. Instead it is included as a desirable action by the Supreme Court in the Vishakha case and under Ordinance XV(D) on Sexual Harassment of the University of Delhi.
  4. The Vice Chancellor must ensure that nothing should hamper evidence collection and free deposition. That includes not only removal of Prof. Chakrobarty from positions of power but also scrupulous avoidance of the administration taking sides during the enquiry.


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