Press Release, 3.8.98

The diabolical nature of the Central Govt notification on pay scales and service conditions of university and college teachers is underlined by the latest UGC circular of 30th July 98 sent to Vice-Chancellors.

It states:

It may be stated that the Notification/Regulations on various aspects of pay scales and service conditions will be prepared by the UGC in consultation with the Government of India. Till the new Notification/Regulations are issued by the UGC, the old Notification/Regulations with regard to other service conditions attached to pay scales issued by Government of India vide letter No. F.1-21/87-U.I dated 22nd July 1988, and the UGC Regulations on recruitment of teachers issued vide letter No.F.1-11/87(CPP) dated 19th September, 1991, as well as other circulars issued by the UGC in this regard, from time to time, would remain in operation.

This circular has clearly been sent on directive from the Government. Having rejected the well-considered UGC recommendations of December 1997 not only on pay scales but also on service conditions, the Government has announced through this circular that it and not the UGC shall dictate the service conditions of teachers. The formulation in the notification that guidelines for promotion “would be laid down by the UGC in consultation with the Government” and that “other terms and conditions of service … shall be notified by the UGC … with the approval of the Government” stand exposed as euphemisms for the Government arrogating to itself the right to decide on all such matters. Political considerations will now override all academic needs to deny teachers even one promotion and to impose bureaucratic service conditions on the universities.

Teachers are expected to accept this pernicious package of undisclosed regulations.

The same HRD Minister who only a few weeks ago claimed credit for being the first minister to have de-linked pay revision from changes in service conditions has now issued a fiat that henceforth he will decide the service conditions for teachers. Not only have universities now lost whatever residual autonomy they had, the UGC has also now become an adjunct of the Central Government.

While reiterating its rejection of the Government notification on pay scales and the demand for the implementation of the UGC recommendations, the DTF calls upon the entire teaching community to defeat the Government’s bureaucratic and anti-academic measures. The DTF appeals to teachers to participate in strength in the action plan chalked out by the FEDCUTA and to prepare for intensification of the struggle.


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