Presentation & Documents Related to Promotions

The presentation attempts at putting together all useful documents relating to promotions in one place and suggesting best suited scheme for teachers as per various UGC and DU notifications. The presentation will be updated if any new clarification is issued by the UGC and/or University and in case of notification of the UGC’s Anomaly Committee Report.

To download this presentation and related documents click on the titles of documents listed below:

PPT: “Options in Promotions” ( a compilation by DTF)

CAS 2010; 2nd Amendment

DU Notification of 1.11.2013 (Ordinances adopted on 17.8.2013)

Proforma CAS 2010

Detailed Guidelines to calculate API Scores

DU letter to Principal dated 9.6.2015


CAS 2010; 4th Amendment (implemented w.e.f 11.7.2016)

Detailed Guidelines to calculate API scores

Proforma CAS 2010; IVth Amendment

DU letter to Principals dated 24.8.2017


CAS 2018

UGC Regulations 2018

Clause 6.3-6.4, UGC Regulation

DU Notification of 3.10.2019

Option Form


Important UGC/MHRD Notifications

Clarification dated 4.8.2015 regarding Readers appointed till 30.6.2010

Clarification dated 5.9.2018 regarding Leave Period

Public Notice dated 16.10.2018 regarding relaxation in OC and RC

Record of Discussion dated 5.12.2019

Letter dated 27.2.2020 regarding pending promotions and counting of past services